Muskoka Snow Storm

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arriving home in heavy snow stormAfter doing a series of posts showing a more peaceful side of winter I thought I’d show another side to winter in Muskoka. These are pictures of the great Alberta Clipper of 2017 which slammed us in December. Most people stayed indoors that weekend but I had a hockey tournament to photograph in Huntsville and wasn’t about to let a little natural disaster get in my way of seeing the Huntsville Otters play. The photo above shows what it looked like as I arrived home at the end of the first day of photographing the tournament. The snowblower broke down, which took me all day to repair, so I couldn’t get out for the Saturday hockey games that weekend. Fortunately I was able to repair the machine and get the driveway cleared just enough to get out and see the exciting final games on Sunday.

It was a crazy weekend to be on the roads! I start with one photo showing the rolling hills on a good day earlier in winter so you can see for reference what the roads should have looked like.

Our dead end snow covered country road was only used by our one car and plenty of snowmobiles that day. Also in the collection I’m showing some photos of the white-out conditions on highway 11 on the way to and from Huntsville. And I end the collection with some shots of the glorious wood supply that I spent months splitting, stacking, drying and moving into the house for winter. On a stormy winter day it was nice to come home to a supply of dry wood like that. I managed to get about 20 face cords into the house before heavy snow put a stop to that operation. I love that wood supply. It’s like the Fort Knox of wood in the basement now. Excuse me while I go downstairs to admire it again.



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