Muskoka Sunrise In The Country

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Muskoka sunrise in the countryThis is a winter view of our front yard seen from the house as the sun is rising. I take in this sight every day. At this time of year I look over the fields to see how much the snow has grown overnight. Then I decide whether or not it’s necessary to run the snowblower to dig us out. During the rest of the year I look out over the same space to see how much the grass has grown overnight. Then and I decide if it’s necessary to run the tractor to tame the fields. Lately we’ve caught a break. Not too much snow has been coming all at once and the grass isn’t growing much either. We can just look outside in the early morning and enjoy the view!


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    • Boyd

      Colors like this in the morning sky don’t seem to happen as frequently as the evening displays but when they do they last about the same time as a nice sunset.


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