Christmas Cat In The Snow

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Christmas cat in the snow on a log cleaning paws

After experiencing weeks of temperatures well below zero Fahrenheit we are finally getting some relief today in the form of a balmy 20f day with heavy snow. The cats have been desperate to get back outside and this seemed the safest day in weeks to let them be reminded about the great outdoors. The brave, adventurous, mischievous and not so sensible Lewi decided to give it a try. I was ready with the camera. I’m glad I was! I think we may have our Christmas card for next year. Our other cat, Cubby, wisely decided to stay indoors where he could watch in comfort as his silly playmate posed for photos in the snow storm.

Christmas cat in the snow on a log

Christmas cat in the snow on a log with Santa decoration

warm indoor cat mocking cold outdoor cat in the snow


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