Blue Jay Taking A Bath

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blue jay taking a bathAfter a recent thaw our spring-fed pond produced a run-off puddle just large enough to provide a nice winter bath for a blue jay. It was the first time in many weeks that the birds had any open water to play in. I watched the happy blue jay taking a bath for a few minutes until it fluttered to a nearby tree to preen. Moments later it returned and played in the puddle again.The bird seemed slightly displeased to see me invading his privacy but the rare winter bath was such a treat to him that he would not be discouraged. All morning the blue jay continued to dart between a tree and the puddle to splash and play.

blue jay splashing in water

blue jay bathing in a puddle

blue jay taking winter bath


  1. Min

    What a treat to see a bluejay enjoying a winter bath and to be there to see it happen. Wonderfully brilliant blue plumage which is
    also a treat to see at this time of year.


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